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Animal Farm Pet Hospital is committed to providing effective preventative care for pets in our community.

To ensure all pets’ continued health, we offer pet vaccinations for San Francisco area cats and dogs. It’s the easiest way to protect your pet over the years from dangerous illnesses and infections.

Vaccines for San Francisco Pets

Vaccinations are the most cost-effective veterinary care that we provide here at Animal Farm Pet Hospital. Why is that? The diseases that your pet may come into contact with at the park, on a walk, or at a boarding facility can be life-threatening and may require hospitalization or expensive supportive care. A little bit of investment now in your pet’s health could pay off big in the long run. Aside from that, you’ll also be saving your pet from painful and dangerous medical conditions that could affect their health for the rest of their life. Our pet vaccine clinic near Daly City allows cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies to live life to the fullest.

Core Vaccinations for Cats & Dogs

Core vaccines protect your pet against common life-threatening illnesses. These are the ones that are both common and dangerous for your pets, especially kittens and puppies. For dogs, core vaccines include ones for rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and canine hepatitis. Non-core vaccines may be suggested depending on your pet’s individual risk and include vaccines against Bordetella and leptospirosis. For cats, their core vaccinations protect them from rabies, panleukopenia, feline calicivirus, and rhinotracheitis. Their lifestyle-dependent vaccines include ones for feline leukemia virus and Bordetella.