Microchipping your San Francisco pet is an important step as an owner

The procedure takes just a few moments to complete and is nearly painless. The likelihood of getting your cat or dog returned to you increases dramatically if they’re microchipped, making it an effective way to keep them safe.

Affordable Microchipping for San Francisco Pets

The last thing we want is for pets in our community to go missing without having an easy way to get them back home. While a collar and identification tag can be helpful, some animals will lose them while making their great escape. It can get caught on a fence, scratched off or break off on a tree branch. A microchip is the only permanent form of identification for pets. We offer microchips for Daly City cats and dogs at affordable rates for owners to ensure they’re able to live happily side by side with their pets for years to come

The Process

The process for getting your pet microchipped is very simple. It involves inserting a small chip the size of a grain of rice just under your pet’s skin. We often place it at the back of the neck to reduce any discomfort your pet may experience and to ensure that it’s easy to find in the future. When the procedure is done by experienced veterinarian, it takes just a few seconds and is relatively painless. You can get your pet microchipped at any age, though we most often perform the procedure at their very first wellness exam or during a spay or neuter surgery.