Veterinary Assistant


Kat has been a dedicated member of our veterinary hospital team for three years, currently serving as a Veterinary Assistant while going to school to become a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). She finds fulfillment in advocating for animals, being their voice, and returning the love they bring into her life. Kat's passion for learning and growing in her profession is evident, and she looks forward to utilizing her education to help as many animals as possible.

At home, Kat shares her life with a diverse array of pets, including a chihuahua named Nala, four cats named Adam, Simba, Meredith, and Noah, and a hamster named Hamburger Widchiz. Despite their differences, Kat cherishes the unconditional love her pets show her. When asked if she has a favorite pet breed, she says she loves them all equally (but also that shih-tzus hold a special place in her heart).

With a love for anime, Kat can talk endlessly about her favorite series, "Naruto" and "Hitman Reborn." She also enjoys indulging in Filipino spaghetti with fried chicken as her favorite comfort food. Kat's taste in music includes K-Pop, with NCT & WayV as her current favorite bands. Her hobbies outside of work involve being a “professional bathroom singer” and relaxing at home, as well as going out to concerts and travelling whenever she’s able. Kat's dedication to animals and her fun spirit, make her an invaluable member of our team, positively impacting both animals and colleagues alike.

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