Customer Service Representative


Camila, our Customer Service Representative, has brought a refreshing energy to our team since she joined us in 2023. Her warm and welcoming demeanor ensures that every pet owner feels valued and cared for as soon as they walk through our doors. 

Camila's ultimate perk of the job? She says it’s getting to soak up the endless cuteness of kittens and pups on the daily! Her love for animals doesn’t stop there as she has a 4-year-old domestic short hair of her own at home that is endearingly chatty. Outside of work, Camila loves exploring nature through activities like hiking and leisurely walks. Her appreciation for the world's beauty extends to her creative hobbies, including drawing, painting, and photography. 

And hey, don't overlook her hidden talents! Speaking not one, not two, but three languages! English, French, and Spanish are already conquered—and she told us the next stop is Japanese! And as for her bucket list? Traveling to Mexico and Japan with her partner is right at the top! With her multilingual skills, creative talents, and compassionate nature, Camila enriches both our team and the experiences of our clients and their beloved pets. We're excited to continue supporting her professional and personal journey here at Animal Farm!

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