Customer Service Representative


Meet Brittany, our cheerful Client Service Representative who has been brightening up our practice since she joined our team. With a contagious love for animals, Brittany's enthusiasm is palpable as she assists our clients and their furry companions. Her goal for the upcoming year is to achieve NAVTA Certification, showcasing her dedication to professional development within the veterinary field.

Outside of work, Brittany is a proud pet parent to Seven, whom she tells us is the sweetest dog she's ever met with a very big appetite (and will let you know it)! When she's not doting on Seven, Brittany indulges her creative side as a talented violinist. And her love for music doesn’t stop there, as she tells us her favorite artist is the one and only Nicki Minaj.

Beyond her joy for animals and music, Brittany is deeply committed to giving back to her community. Her volunteer work at local animal care centers reflects her compassion and dedication to animal welfare. When asked what her dream vacation would be, Brittany said that dreaming of her ancestral roots, her ultimate getaway destination is Ghana, to explore her heritage and immerse herself in the rich culture. With Brittany's warmth and passion, our practice thrives, and our clients and their pets are greeted with smiles every day.

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